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HBA Development
HBA Development

project Administration

  • Construction Process
  • Design/Build Process
  • Principal Involvement
    HBA will be the general contractor on your project and provide the management required for its administration which will provide you with a single source of responsibility for performance and costs.

During the Construction Process we will:

  • Coordinate and inspect all work.
  • Prepare and enforce subcontracts.
  • Buy project items and negotiate prices to reduce project costs.
  • Provide construction schedule and arrange general conditions.
  • Consult with architects and engineers when clarification or interpretation of the documents become necessary.
  • Obtain and submit in writing to all concerned understandings when a possible dispute may arise regarding contract guidelines on site.
  • Revise and refine estimates as construction proceeds and as required to incorporate approved changes as they occur.
  • Keep cost accounting records of all job components including separate accounting of the cost of any change order and its effect on the schedule.
  • Maintain accurate progress reports during all stages of construction
  • Send summaries as required, either by the owner or by the management. Computerize records of time, cost and materials, so that a print-out can be made rapidly on any classification basis required, including cash flow.
  • Set up a joint inspection of the project at specified intervals prior to completion. This inspection will be made by the construction manager with the owner representative, the architects and engineers and other interested parties. Final inspection is to be followed by decisions on everyone’s part as to the most economical and/or the fastest way of handling a “punch list” of incomplete and/or faulty installations.


The most decisive part of a project completion is defining its scope; its requirements and the characteristics of the site. In the Design/Build approach, we will obtain or review the following:

  • Boundary and Topographic survey
  • Regulatory requirements:
    • Zoning and building requirements
    • Deed restrictions including assessments
    • Availability of utilities
    • Ingress and egress requirements
    • Subdivision standards
    • E.P.A. and Public Health requirements
    • Taxing jurisdictions
  • Review market research data
    • Census data
    • Competition
    • Information on income and rent
    • Project goals

Considering the foregoing information, we will develop a design for your entire project at the beginning development stage, and will furnish for your approval:

  • Master plan for the project
  • Proposed site plan
  • Floor plans
  • Unit layout if appropriate
  • Building elevations and design features
  • Specifications

We will give you a firm contractual price for a total turnkey project. You will then have a visual appearance of your project, the type of construction material to be used and full cost to construct before you make large expenditures for architectural and engineering work drawings.

Final Design and Construction

After financing has been agreed to, we will arrange for detailed architectural and engineering work drawings to be submitted in design stages allowing for qualified subcontract bids on work critical for the start of construction.  These bids will be reviewed and the subcontractors selected.  This will speed up the construction process and lower costs. 

Project Administration and Construction 

We will be your general contractor and provide the project management team required for the building and administration of your project as per steps described under the previously described construction process. 

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