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Our Construction Approach

Hotel Builders of America will guide the team members in meeting the requirements of the project and will work closely with the Architect, Mechanical and Electrical Engineers, Owners’ Representative and Consultants advising them on the practical results of their decisions and design options.

Budget Cost and Analysis

We prepare cost evaluations and estimates related to both the overall budget and to various systems prior to plan completion, hel0ping the owner to maintain or reduce the project cost.

HBA Development
HBA Development

Cost estimates will be revised and refined as a working drawing for each system is developed. Analysis will be performed at points in order to maintain the budget requirements.

We will also recommend for early purchase, specified items of equipment and materials that require a long lead time for delivery and will analyze construction documents and methods of construction fro cost savings while maintaining the design, aesthetics and quality intended.

Bid Packages and Analysis

We will give bid packages to pre-qualified bidders, receive and evaluate their bids, recommend the contractors, and prepare contracts.

Assemblage of Data

We will check bid packages, drawings and specifications to prevent overlapping work among the separate contractors.

We review all contract documents to assure that there is a responsible party.

We conduct pre-bid conferences among contractors, subcontractors and manufacturers of systems and subsystems to be sure that all bidders understand the components of the bidding documents and the management techniques.

We also review stipulations of the project with all bidders as to construction management personnel, services, control authorities, insurance, bonding, liability and other aspects of the construction management contract.


  • Pre-construction scheduling consisting of: design meetings, bid dates and target dates.
  • Construction schedule will provide multiple overlapping disciplines for smooth completion of work.
  • Monthly costs, as part of construction schedule, will be charted.